'A-Team' Cameos Revealed At LA Premiere! Classic 'Team' Members? Another Unrevealed TV Star?

I and the lion's share of the MTV News team have set up base camp here in lovely Los Angeles for the week. In case you haven't noticed from the insane amount of coverage on this site, the splenderific MTV Movie Awards are Sunday night and we're all over it like (insert cliche here). Last night I was able to escape to Mann's Chinese for the very loud premiere of "The A-Team." By the way I'm not just talking about the decibel level of the crowds at the premiere. This is one cacophonous flick. I don't think director Joe Carnahan will argue with me when I say this is what we're talking about when we say "now that is a big, dumb, summer movie." That's certainly what it aspires to be.

But what about the cameos, right? Well I have some news for the spoiler-minded. Did the old A-Teamers make the cut? And what previously unreported TV star makes cameo at the end. Read on at your own peril.

Full disclosure first. For a variety of reasons I was not able to stay until after the credits so there's always a chance of Sam Jackson style cameo that I'm not aware of but...

--No Mr. T. There's only one mohawk in this film and it belongs to Rampage. Sorry. Go watch "D.C. Cab" if you need yourself a fix because he ain't in this one.

--No Dirk Benedict. Now this one is more surprising because we know something was shot with the original Face. But unless I was truly out of it (always a possibility) his scene did NOT make the cut in the film. You'll have to wait until the DVD.

--Who's that mad man? So T and Dirk aren't in it BUT there is very late appearance by none other than Don Draper himself, Mr. Jon Hamm. The "Mad Men" star appears as a CIA agent in what is essentially the coda to the film. Setting him up as an antagonist in the sequel? Perhaps. Hamm, by the way, was at the premiere. I caught him and Bradley Cooper in full-on man huggage as I walked out.

So are you bummed about the lack of original A-Teamers? Does Don Draper's cameo do anything for you?

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