Warren The Ape Hangs With ScarJo and other Movie Awards Celebs ... Sort Of

It seems like at the 2010 MTV Movie Awards no one wants to sit near Hollywood’s hottie queen bee Scarlett Johansson more than MTV’s newest star (and "Fabricated-American") Warren the Ape, whose new show hits MTV’s airwaves on June 14. So, when he had the chance to head over to the Gibson Amphitheatre in Los Angeles to see where all the stars will be sitting come Sunday, he decided to make his own fate and give himself a plum seat.

And, as it turns out that seat is right next to Scarlett Johansson. Now, we’re not sure how happy the new arrangement will leave Olympian Shaun White, who was originally placed near the starlet, but as Warren the Ape explains just because you won a gold medal doesn’t mean you can sit wherever you want.

What else did Warren the Ape learn as he was hanging around the Gibson being nosey and checking out the seating cards? Well, he learned that Vanessa Hudgens will be sitting right near beau Zac Efron, who he believes has a questionable hairstyle. His financial advice when it comes to the world and Efron? “Sell Enron, buy Efron!”

Timely, Warren. Very timely.