'Jersey Shore' Cast On MTV Movies Awards Host Aziz Ansari: 'Who??'

I guess when you’re shuttling from gym to laundromat to tanning salon and back again, day after day, then hitting the clubs every night, there’s not a lot of time left for leisure activities like watching the boob tube. How else to explain that the kids from MTV’s “Jersey Shore” have no clue whatsoever who MTV Movie Awards host Aziz Ansari is?

Just watch in the video below as Snooki, the Situation and the rest of the “Shore” crew express utter befuddlement at the mere mention of the 27-year-old comedian’s name.

Ronnie: “Who?”

Sammi: “Who?”

DJ Pauly D: “God bless you. What’d you say?

The Situation: “You don’t have to say sorry to me.”

Snooki: “Who’s that?”

JWoww: [looks quite puzzled]

They’d better study up soon, as the reality stars will be taking part in Sunday night’s festivities during MTV News’ "Jersey Shore Blow-Out at the MTV Movie Awards." The entire “Shore” cast will walk the red carpet and then debut the first 10 minutes of the second season of the hit show.

Since we’re just the helpful types, we’ll point Snooki and her friends toward some of Aziz’s greatest hits. He’s been the goofy heart of MTV’s “Human Giant” improv troupe, a scene-stealer on NBC's "Parks & Recreation," and the creator of foul-mouthed comedian Raaaaaaaandy. And that’s only what the general public knows about him. For the inside scope, just listen to what Zac Efron had to say about Ansari.

"There was this Halloween once," Efron told us. "Someone needed to step up and dress like a pumpkin, but no one wanted to do it except Aziz. He saved a lot of lives that day. And that's why I'm glad he's hosting the MTV Movie Awards."