'Twilight' Actor Christian Serratos Eats A Puppy In Today's Daily TwitPic

That headline is true. After the jump you'll find a picture of Christian Serratos, "Twilight"'s Angela, eating a puppy. Or preparing to eat a puppy.

She doesn't play a vampire in the movies but she's clearly developed a taste for blood. Would the Cullens approve? I don't think so. I mean, I know that they're "vegetarian" vampires, and thus only drink the blood of animals. But dogs are like stupid people. And puppies are like stupid babies. They'd probably balk at the idea of eating a stupid baby. I know I would.

There you have it. Today's Daily TwitPic: Christian Serratos eats a poor, defenseless puppy. What will her friends at PETA think?

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