Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Officially Confirmed For 'Transformers 3,' Surprising No One

I guess the news really hadn't been confirmed, but it's still kind of funny to me that Rosie Huntington-Whiteley being confirmed as the replacement for Megan Fox in "Transformers 3" qualifies as news today. The last report revealed that she was a top contender and that an offer had in fact been sent out. Did anyone really think she was going to say no?

Okay, okay... I get it. It's news. She's in and it's official. Really, the whole point of this post is to show you the hilariously excellent congratulatory video that Huntington-Whiteley's employer Victoria's Secret cut to celebrate the casting news. You can find that video after the jump, but take note: there are no robots. Unless they're in disguise. Which I guess they could be-- this is "Transformers" we're talking about.

I'll say this: the video is certainly fitting. The movie only just went into production, so obviously there's not going to be any footage. And while the video might not drip "Transformers" aesthetics, it does suit its subject very well. Now there's just one big question to be answered: what will Huntington-Whiteley bring to the movie beyond a pretty face? As an eternal optimist, I remain cautiously curious to find out.