Guillermo Del Toro Leaves 'The Hobbit,' So What's Next For The Director?

Guillermo Del ToroGuillermo del Toro has left "The Hobbit." After several years of development and unexpected delays stemming from MGM's frequently reported hardships, the "Pan's Labyrinth" filmmaker has parted ways with Middle-Earth to pursue other projects. Indeed, del Toro has no shortage of developing movies on the horizon, something that was already a clear obstacle before the filmmaker fled the director's chair on "The Hobbit."

After the jump, check out a sampling of some of the many projects that del Toro has in the pipeline.

"At the Mountains of Madness"

Considered by many to be his pet project, del Toro has long expressed his desire to adapt H.P. Lovecraft's "At the Mountains of Madness," a tale filled with mythical creatures, strokes of darkness and all of the wonderfully bizarre flourishes that del Toro has become known for. There is currently no time table on the project.

"Double Dare You"

Late last year, a partnership between Disney and del Toro was announced in the form of "Double Dare You," a new film label designed to create all-ages animated projects filled with thrills and scares for younger and older audiences alike. The first movie under the DDY banner is "Trollhunters," though it's currently unclear whether or not del Toro will direct the film or simply oversee its development.


An unusual project given del Toro's resume, Universal Pictures' "Drood" is based on a 2009 novel written by Dan Simmons about the last five years of Charles Dickens' life as told by friend and fellow novelist Wilkie Collins. It's a fictionalized story, though del Toro's signature monstrosities aren't likely to emerge here. Now that del Toro has left "The Hobbit," the filmmaker might begin work on "Drood" as his next directorial gig.

"Frankenstein" & "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde"

In 2008, del Toro signed on to reinterpret several classic monster movies for Universal including "Frankenstein" and "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde," though he only plans to direct the former while producing the latter. Del Toro has said he plans to cast frequent collaborator Doug Jones in the role of Frankenstein's monster, something that Jones has described as "a dream come true."

"Hellboy III"

Although there are currently no official plans for a third "Hellboy" installment, comic book enthusiasts would love to see del Toro take Big Red out for another adventure. Thanks to Hellboy's decision to quit B.P.R.D. at the end of the second film, the way is already paved for a unique "Hellboy III." Given del Toro's busy slate, however, it's likely that we've already seen the last of the filmmaker's work on the Dark Horse property.

"Saturn and the End of Days"

A few years ago, del Toro announced "Saturn and the End of Days," a film about a kid named Saturn who witnesses the end of the world as he's on his way home from the supermarket. Although the plot of "Saturn" is vastly different from "Pan's Labyrinth," it shares "Pan's" central idea of a youthful figure experiencing something extraordinary. There's no current word on when del Toro will begin production.

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