Will Wesley Snipes Be Back On '30 Rock' Next Season? We Ask Michael Sheen!

One of the major subplots that runs through the entire "30 Rock" TV series is Liz Lemon's (Tina Fey) uncanny ability to look for love in all the wrong places. There was an interesting development on that front in the recently ended fourth season: Liz met a man while they were both recovering from dentist's gas. They remembered very little of the meeting, but the impression was notable enough that they took down one another's phone numbers in their respective phones as "Future Husband" and "Future Wife." That new man's name is Wesley Snipes, and he is played by none other than Michael Sheen.

As the season wore on, Wesley came to realize that he and Liz were fated to be together as a future marriage of convenience. He reasoned that they were both too old to find "the one," if such a thing exists, and that they were meant to be together simply because they'd found one another, even though there was clearly no chemistry. In the season finale, Liz proved Wesley wrong by finding her ideal man, airline pilot Carol (Matt Damon). Snipes left the scene in a huff, shouting out his final line of the season: "There's only one Wesley Snipes in this world!" Not true, obviously.

So when I spoke with Sheen yesterday about this weekend's HBO movie "The Special Relationship," in which he stars as British Prime Minister Tony Blair, I had to ask him if we've seen the last of the not-so-lovable Wesley Snipes.

"Wesley Snipes' day is never done," he said, laughing. "He is irrepressible. When the nuclear holocaust comes, all that will be left are cockroaches and Wesley Snipes. So don't count him out."

How about the possibility of an encounter between Sheen's Snipes and the real Wesley Snipes? Any possibility we'll see that?

"I've never met him," Sheen replied. "I think it sort of only works really-- well, I don't know, who knows? Maybe they will get the real Wesley Snipes. But I think probably... not."