'Lost' Bonus Feature Promises Hurley/Ben Epilogue, But What Will We See?

LostWhile I thoroughly enjoyed the series finale of "Lost," there were some elements to the ending that left me wanting more. Chief among them? Hugo "Hurley" Reyes and Benjamin Linus adopting their new roles as the Island's modern incarnations of Jacob and Richard Alpert. It's a seriously unlikely pairing, but a brilliant one nonetheless. After it became clear that these two led the Island for numerous years following the finale, I actually felt like I could watch another television series devoted solely to that story.

Looks like we don't have to wait for a spinoff series, however, as Michael Emerson told "Attack of the Show" that the "Lost" complete series DVD will include a "12 - 14 minute" epilogue featuring Ben and Hurley in their new roles. So what might we see in such an epilogue? Who knows — but after the jump, I've got a few ideas for what we should see!

The Odd Others: Almost immediately after accepting Hurley's job offer to become the Island's new Alpert, Ben realized just how different he and Hugo are. Despite a wealth of space on the Island, Hurley insisted on bunking together in the same house in the barracks, and their two lifestyles could not have clashed more. Ben, the extremely organized business expert; Hurley, the phenomenally messy party dude. Forget Jacob and Smokey, these are the two most radically different powerhouses the Island has ever seen.

Super Hurley Bros.: Although Ben ultimately fell on the side of the angels, his devious ways pop up once again when he tries to uncork the source. Hurley goes down to stop him, but the two are accidentally sucked down into the gaping hole of light. When they emerge, they find themselves in the Mushroom Kingdom surrounded by angry lizards, menacing goomba soldiers and beautiful princesses. They start up a plumber-crimefighting business and live happily ever after. [Note: full credit for this idea goes to this hilarious piece of art. Seriously, that's all kinds of win.]

Hugo Reyes & The Chocolate Island: Hurley takes Ben's advice to make his own Island rules to heart with his first decree: instead of keeping the Island's secrets hidden from the world, he starts a world class chocolatier company using freshly picked Island ingredients. The river of holy water is converted into a river of chocolate ala "Willy Wonka." Hurley later finds out that he's used the wrong bearing for his shipments, accidentally hurtling the chocolates back in time. Some jerk named Apollo discovers the time-displaced chocolates and creates his own company. How's that for an answer?

Dialogue Coaching: Having commanded the Others for several years, Benjamin Linus knows a thing or two about leadership. While Hurley has all of the kindness that Ben sorely lacked, there is one valuable skill that Ben needs to teach Hurley in order for the lovable multi-millionare to make good as leader of the Island: how to make perfectly average sentences sound terribly creepy.

In All Seriousness: Although a terrific idea on paper, a Hurley/Ben epilogue worries me just a tad. As a general rule, I think these types of post-script endings fall into the category of unsatisfying and self-serving, ala the "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" epilogue. While I'm not really advocating any of the above-mentioned ideas, I do hope that the epilogue errs on the side of lightheartedness over serious answer digging. "Lost" is over — if this is a bonus epilogue, let's just have some fun with it. With the naturally hilarious Hurley and the atoning Benjamin at his side, that shouldn't be hard for Team Darlton to handle.

Tell us what you would like to see from the Hurley/Ben epilogue in the comments and on Twitter!

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