Patton Oswalt's Plagiarism Accusation, 'Lost' And Alicia Silverstone's Treats In Today's Twitter-Wood

Patton Oswalt didn't seem too amused by some lines in a Columbia University valedictorian's commencement speech today. He and James Urbaniak both took issue with some of speaker Brian Corman's words, which the comedian and "Big Fan" star is calling a case of plagiarism.

Less heated topics came up in tweeting as well. Tom Hanks continued his "Larry Crowne" production tweets, while Tinsel Korey had some bad dreams after the "Lost" finale and Olivia Wilde gave Alicia Silverstone some mad props for her Rice Krispies Treats. Find out what her recipe includes and where Jessica Alba is meeting up with Robert Rodriguez after the jump. It's all retweeted in Twitter-Wood for May 25, 2010.

Twitter Pic of the Day:

@tomhanks Movie Magic with Johnny Westside and Madia as Larry Crowne and Talia. Looks real! Hanx

-Tom Hanks, Actor ("Saving Private Ryan," "The Green Mile")

Columbia speech pt. 1: @pattonoswalt Congrats to Columbia University valedictorian Brian Corman! Great speech:

-Patton Oswalt, Actor ("Ratatouille," "Big Fan")

Columbia speech pt. 2: @JamesUrbaniak @pattonoswalt Looking forward to his apology explaining how lack of time to prepare made him "desperate."

-James Urbaniak, Actor ("The Venture Bros.," "Across the Universe")

Columbia speech pt. 3: @JamesUrbaniak Early in his speech Brian Corman says of his fellow students "We all chose to take the hard road." Apparently he majored in Irony.

Columbia speech pt. 4: @pattonoswalt Huh. The video of Columbia valedictorian Brian Corman plagiarizing my work in his speech is now "private". Huh!

@tinselkorey I fell asleep watching LOST and had nightmares about traveling through worm holes and demon babies. Note 2 self: No LOST b4 bed.

-Tinsel Korey, Actress ("Twilight," "Eclipse")

@jessicaalba Up and at em tweeples! On my way to the airport heading to TX. Looking forward to some good bbq and Mexican food w @RobertRdz.

-Jessica Alba, Actress ("Sin City," "Valentine's Day")

@oliviawilde Inhaling @AliciaSilv's RIDICULOUS peanut butter chocolate chip brown rice crispie treats and contemplating breaking into her house for more.

-Olivia Wilde, Actress ("Tron Legacy," "Year One")

@leeunkrich What I did at work today.

-Lee Unkrich, Director ("Finding Nemo," "Toy Story 2")

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