'24' Series Finale Recap: Day 8 Comes To A Close

Well, that was tremendously unsatisfying.

In the end, President Allison Taylor doesn't sign the peace agreement with the Islamic Republic that she worked so hard -- and broke several laws -- to create. She's overwhelmed with guilt about the conspiracy she helped cover up against President Hassan. Dalia Hassan found out about the Russians' involvement, and that President Taylor subsequently knew about it. Furious, she had threatened to pull out of the agreement, but President Taylor threatened her with a nuclear strike if she exposed the truth.

After all the lies and former President Charles Logan's plans (he shoots himself, by the way, and for some reason the show didn't entirely kill him off, leaving him ripe for more Jack Bauer torture in a "24" movie), President Taylor can't go through with the treaty under these circumstances. She pulls out.

In the meantime, Chloe finds out Jack is at the UN and goes after him to try to bring him in. Jack puts Chloe in a sleeper hold. Eventually, she comes to and convinces Jack to not assassinate Russian President Suvarov and go a less violent route. He gives her a memory card. So naturally, he forces Chloe to shoot him (not by choice) in order for her to get away.

While Chloe tries to unsuccessfully upload evidence from the memory card, medics take care of Jack (who pulls a Mike Tyson and takes a big gross chunk out of Jason Pillar's ear). Logan tries to convince Taylor to kill Bauer instead of locking him up for good. Logan has already taken it upon himself to put a plan in motion. "I'll take your silence as tacit approval," he hisses as he slithers out of the room. Taylor look like she's ready to throw up. She watches the recording that Jack made of himself describing the day's events. This is not one of the recordings we expected. There seem to be two missing (follow us here... one Dana Walsh's original evidence against the Russians and two, the audio recording of Logan on the phone with the Russians). Where did those end up? Plot hole or open door?

Taylor doesn't sign the peace agreement, choosing instead the more moral and personally painful route. She tells her aide Tim Woods about the impending attack on Bauer's medical transport. But they're too late and Bauer is abducted. Somehow (another CTU miracle!) President Taylor locates Jack's black ops captors and they release him. President Taylor tells Jack that she withdrew from the treaty and will tell the truth to the world, then resign and stand trial for her own crimes.

She tells Jack to leave the country, because both the Russians and American Law Enforcement will be after him (again the door is open for the long-talked-about "24" movie).

Jack's last moments are with a tearful Chloe, thanking her. Wounded and bloody, Jack walks off, turning back to the drone one last time to say goodbye to Chloe.

We are left with these unanswered questions:

1. What happened to the other recordings and data cards? Perhaps Jack sent them to his daughter Kim, since the recording that was discovered seemed to be addressed to her?

2. Does Charles Logan survive the bullet to the brain?

3. What happened to Meredith Reed, the reporter who was arrested last episode? Does she get to break the story or does she stay detained at CTU forever?

4. Where's President Taylor’s chief of staff, Ethan? Is there a Vice President to assume control of the country? Who's in charge around here?

5. What about Jim Ricker (Michael Madsen)? Did he just disappear or will he return?

Stay tuned for the movie, I suppose ...

What did you think about the "24" finale? Gratifying or too open-ended?