LOST Finale: 'The End' Recap -- MTV's Live Blog!

Here we are, folks — "The End" is finally here. After six years and six seasons, "Lost" has finally reached the end of its epic journey. What will be revealed? What will happen to our heroes? What did all of this ultimately mean? By the end of the evening, those questions shall be answered! To celebrate tonight's series finale event, we're here to live blog you through to the finish line. Click past the jump for our constantly updating commentary, reactions and analysis, and make sure to weigh in with your thoughts in the comments section!


8:49: I spent the last two days re-watching season six in preparation for tonight's episode. My biggest complaint about the season has been the pacing, so I was happy to see that it plays out a lot better in back-to-back viewings. Of course, I could have just watched this recap episode — really, a pretty solid effort from the gang at ABC. Hearing Damon and Carlton discuss the sideways universe really helps to clarify things a bit and I love their discussion of the Man in Black's plan.

9:00: And here we go.

9:02: This show has always been fantastic at the montage sequence. This opening montage is certainly no exception. There's no longer any doubt — here we are, at the end of the line.

9:04 Christian's coffin has finally returned stateside. Nice to know this plot point isn't being ignored. "A man named Christian Shephard, seriously?" Well played, Kate!

9:06: Say hello to the new Jacob. Jack looks pretty good with all that God Aura on himself.

9:08: Two "Star Wars" references before the first commercial break. Sawyer makes fun of Kate for always sticking her nose where it doesn't belong. We are definitely watching classic "Lost," folks.

9:12: "That was Charlie." Twelve minutes in and I'm already sold on the sideways.

9:13: Kate doesn't feel great about Jack's new job. Skaters, I have a hunch you're in for a disappointment tonight.

9:14: Love the frankness of Sawyer and Smocke's conversation. I especially love Sawyer kicking Ben's butt at least one last time.

9:15: VINCENT! Puppy POWER! Rose! Bernard! The house time-traveled with them!

9:18 "I'll make it hurt." Thank you, Desmond — there is no way any of us could have handled watching Smocke butcher Rose, Bernard and poor Vincenzo.

9:21: The eternally ageless and youthful Richard Alpert cannot be stopped. And he still needs to blow up a plane.

9:23 First time seeing Jin and Sun since they died. Still hard to believe that they're gone. And Juliet! Oh wow, this is a seamlessly beautiful reunion tour. Mirroring the time she checked in on Sun's baby for the first time in "D.O.C." "I... remember." The sideways universe is waking up! "It's a girl!" "Her name is Ji-Yeon!" Too early for the tears, Darlton! Too early!

9:30: Welcome back, adventure music. We are all going to the same place.

9:32: "If I fix you, that's all the peace I'll need." Glad to see that somebody is still looking at Locke with some fondness.

9:33: "I think I just realized I want to live." Richard, welcome to mortality!

9:34: FRANK! I knew there was a reason we weren't really mourning you! I've never been so happy to see chest hair!

9:35: "I'm going to kill you." "And how do you think you're going to do that?" "That's the surprise." So far, so good.

9:40: Confirmation on Juliet as Jack's wife! Sawyer narrowly passes Juliet! Too much!

9:42: Desmond spits out the wisdom. He knows everything. And, to quote Ron Burgundy, he's going into the bear pit.

9:44: Target's smoke monster detector commercial? Priceless! Gotta love the ad campaign for this episode.

9:49: Sayid and Shannon being the loves of each other's lives? A little far-fetched. But pretty awesome that Boone is in the know!

9:52: "You're not John Locke. You disrespect his memory by wearing his face, but you're nothing like him. Turns out he was most right about everything. I just wish I could have told him that while he was still alive." I've been waiting for Jack to speak those words for so long. Rest in peace, John.

10:00: Daniel Faraday — sorry, Widmore — putting the musical moves on Charlotte. Welcome to Table 23, where everybody knows your name!

10:01: He just uncorked the Island! He put out the light!

10:05: Smocke is mortal again! He can be killed! Someone wake Jack up!

10:10: Faraday's piano playing jives with Giacchino score. Subtle, but brilliant.

10:12: Mirroring "Do No Harm" with near perfect dialogue. And Kate wakes up as a result. And now Claire. The buildup took a while, but it's really paying off. AND there goes Charlie. AAAAAAND THERE GOES ME!

10:16: Can you believe that they're all trying to help Ben? Can you believe that "Lost" was ever able to get to this point?


10:24: There's the neck slice! And who died for nothing now, Smocke? Lame action hero line from Kate, and Terry O'Quinn twice!

10:26: "It worked." John Locke is getting the happy ending he really, truly deserves. "I hope somebody does for you what you just did for me."

10:36: The last goodbye of Jack Shephard? I guess Kate made her choice. Jack, Ben and Hurley — was there ever a better trio?

10:42: Cutting it close. The Island is falling apart. Can you believe that? The Island is falling apart!

10:44: Like always, the Apollo bar is stuck. Did Juliet just reveal the greatest "Lost" mystery of them all — how to get candy unstuck from a vending machine?! Who cares, James and Jules are together again!

10:52: "I know you don't understand, Jack. But if you come with me, you will." — the awakened Kate.

10:54: Jack's on a suicide mission. Hurley can't take it. Hugo is going to take over the Island! This is way too much. It's a swift turn of power but the Island couldn't possibly be in better hands. #goteamhurley

10:58: "You were right." "There's a first time for everything."

10:59: "I'll see you in another life, brother." Jack is ready to take the plunge.

11:00 The Island is really hurting. It's something I always imagined we might see, but it's hard to actually watch, isn't it?

11:04: Way to go, Frank.

11:06: The light's back on — but it looks like the lights might be off for Jack Shephard.

11:11: Beautiful moment between Ben and John. Welcome home, Mr. Locke.

11:14: "I think you do what you do best: take care of people." Ben becomes Hurley's Richard Alpert. That is magical.

11:19: Jack's alive. The coffin is waking him up — but the coffin is empty. "Everyone dies some time, kiddo. Some of them before you, some of them long after you ... there is no now here." — Christian Shephard

11:23: "This is the place you all made together so you could find one another. The most important part of your life was the time you spent with these people. That's why you're all here. Nobody does it alone, Jack: you needed all of them, and they needed you ... to let go." — Christian

11:29: "The End."