'Shrek Forever After' Destroys 'MacGruber' In The Saturday Box Office Report

Shrek Forever After1. "Shrek Forever After" ($20.8 million)

2. "Iron Man 2" ($7.5 million)

3. "Robin Hood" ($5.6 million)

4. "Letters to Juliet" ($3 million)

5. "MacGruber" ($1.6 million)

Although Jon Favreau's "Iron Man 2" proved itself a more powerful force than Ridley Scott's "Robin Hood" could handle last weekend, the red-and-gold armored superhero expended enough energy to ensure its loss against the big green ogre of "Shrek Forever After," which debuted this Friday in first place — though not as decisively as many anticipated.

The fourth "Shrek" outing managed a $20.8 million opening day tally, which was lower than expected by box office analysts due to the franchise's name recognition and the increased price of 3-D ticket sales. With barely over $20 million in its pockets, the Mike Myers-starring "Shrek Forever After" is looking at a weekend haul of less than $100 million. If nothing else, it's virtually guaranteed that the new "Shrek" won't top the $121.6 million opening of "Shrek the Third," the franchise's strongest debut. Perhaps this really is "The Final Chapter" in the Shrek odyssey after all.

While "Shrek" didn't perform as well as expected, the weekend's biggest disappointment belongs to "MacGruber," comedian Will Forte's adaptation of his explosive Saturday Night Live sketch. With only $1.6 million earned on Friday, the chances of breaking into the double digits by the weekend's conclusion have essentially blown up in "MacGruber's" face.

Filling out the middle portion of Friday's top five performers are "Iron Man 2" with $7.5 million, "Robin Hood" with $5.6 million and "Letters to Juliet" with $3 million.

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