FLASHFORWARD: Episode 1.21, 'Countdown'

FlashForwardEpisode Title: "Countdown"

Written By: Lisa Zwerling & Seth Hoffman

Story: April 29, the day foretold by the global blackout, has finally arrived. Mark Benford interrogates Lucas Hellinger, one of the men responsible for the blackout, but his unorthodox techniques get him in trouble with his bosses. Meanwhile, Demetri Noh and Zoe have a falling out that causes the FBI agent to take on a deadly mission alongside Janis Hawk and Simon Campos.

In Afghanistan, Aaron Stark struggles to save his daughter's life, while Bryce Varley gets a lead on Keiko in Los Angeles.

Downward Spiral: Part of the reason I can't get behind Benford is that he's so obsessed with preventing the future, but he can't follow such extremely obvious steps to avoid that future. Like Hellinger, for instance. If Mark beats Hellinger up, he dies, warns the terrorist. So what does Mark do? He beats Hellinger up. Then he goes out and gets drunk, just as in his flash-forward. We know that flash-forwards are avoidable — see the deceased Agent Gough or the not deceased Agent Noh — but it appears that Benford, the brilliant Mark Benford, can't avoid his.

The Noh Brainer: Demetri is satisfying at least one person's flash-forward: his would-be wife, Zoe, because he's not going with her to Hawaii, as she foresaw. Instead, he's taking a major gamble by backing up Suspect Zero and Janis, now a known triple agent. While Simon seems sincere in his desire to take down the conspiracy, Demetri has no evidence towards this except for the word of the duplicitous Janis. Although the agent survived past March 15, will he make it past April 29? Outlook is cloudy.

Stark Romance: Aaron's flash-forward is seemingly put to bed as his daughter, Tracy, succumbed to her wounds. There could be a twist in next week's finale, but my hunch says that she's a goner. Bryce, meanwhile, dumps Nicole when she tells him that Keiko is in town. Guess we know where his loyalties lie. Now that she's unprotected, Nicole is likely to realize her flash-forward, but the question remains: who could possibly want her dead?

Final Predictions: Although a bit earlier than many had hoped, "FlashForward" ends next week. With only one episode remaining, is there any chance of a satisfying resolution? Will the most burning questions be answered? Can Benford prevent another blackout and break the cycle in the process? We'll know the answer in one short week.

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