Will Arnett Really, Truly Believes That An 'Arrested Development' Movie Will Happen

Well it turns out that Jason Bateman wasn't wrong when he said we have Will Arnett and Mitch Hurwitz to blame for the "Arrested Development" movie delay. The eagerly anticipated, long overdue flick has been pushed back a little more thanks to the latest Hurwitz sitcom, "Running Wilde," which stars Arnett. Don't be sad though. Gob Bluth revealed that the "Arrested" movie is coming sooner than anyone might think.

"We open next Friday," he joked to MTV News at the Fox Upfronts, where he was doing press for "Wilde," along with co-star Keri Russell. "4200 theaters, so we're excited about it."

All joking aside, Arnett admits that the work on the new Fox sitcom may have caused the delay. "No! We're gonna make it. My prediction would be-- I know that Jason Bateman said we weren’t making it," Arnett explained, though we think he meant David Cross. "You can't believe this guy. I'll tell you about him later. He's like a world class idiot. No, but we actually are [going to make it]."

Last we heard from that "liar" Bateman, shooting might begin by the end of the year. Until then, we wait.

When do you think the "Arrested Development" movie will finally get off the ground? Do you want to send hate mail to Mitch and Will for delaying it for their new show?