Amanda Seyfried Confirms 'Red Riding Hood' Co-Stars, Knows Who She Wants For The Wolf Role

This summer Amanda Seyfried will begin work on "Red Riding Hood," helmed by "Twilight" director Catherine Hardwicke. Seyfried admits that when fans come out to theaters on April 22, 2011, they will definitely get a little creeped out by the film's interpretation of the iconic fairytale bad guy, the Big Bad Wolf.

"The wolf is the enemy and it’s a very, very dangerous enemy and nobody knows who the wolf is. So it’s a hunt and it's really cool," Seyfried told MTV News at the junket for "Letters For Juliet," adding that she has an actor in mind to play the pivotal role.

"I'm not going to say [who it is] because I don’t want to jinx it. But he happens to be a really great actor. There's so many great actors. I have no idea," she teased. "I actually haven’t talked to Catherine Hardwicke, the director, in a couple weeks, so I gotta get back to that."

While she remained tight-lipped about who she'd like to see in the wolf role, Seyfried did name some of the cast as it is currently shaping up. "[As for the] finalized [casting of all the characters], I'm not sure, but I definitely know it's seeming right now it's going to be Gary Oldman, Julie Christie. It's definitely Max Irons to play my fiancé and Shiloh Fernandez to play my lover," she said.

Ultimately, Seyfried couldn't resist the opportunity to drop a small hint. "[Catherine] knows [who I want for the wolf]… she knows. [I don’t want to say] 'cause what if it isn’t and then the person that does play the wolf is like, 'Oh you wanted him.' [His initials are] VC. You're not gonna figure it out."

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