'Lost' Video Recap: Ben's Back, Desmond's Tricky And Jack Becomes God

Last night's holy-crap-it's-almost-over episode of "Lost" gave us both welcome reintroductions and bitter farewells.

Good to see you, devilish Ben Linus! You've spent far too long boxed in as a whimpering Mr. Nice Guy and we're happy you and your unblinking bug eyes are back, shootin' dudes and making plans to off anyone who gets in your way. Just whose side are you on? Are you in the midst of a long, Black Smoke-screwing con? Are you simply fueled for bloodlust by the memories of your callously slain daughter? We don't know, and that's why we dig it: the ambiguous, diabolical Ben Linus is back, and we couldn't be happier.

And hey! There's Ana Lucia, back in the picture as a dirty cop who's gotta get paid! Also, wowee... Jack is the new Jacob, who is terribly sorry he made a mistake a few thousand years ago and created that cloud of black smoke that's been killing all of Jack's pals. Plus we got Hurley and Desmond in the midst of executing what might be a flash sideways world-eliminating plan. Is it just us, or did their whole dynamic scream, "Spin-off buddy comedy series"? Lindelof and Cuse, call us!

Of course, every door that opens shuts two more on "Lost." Charles Widmore, we feel, deserved a more momentous death sequence, following as it did on Sayid's whatever-dude-you're-off-the-show death a few eps ago. Richard, too, kinda got screwed. Can a guy get a hero's death around here? I mean really! Then again, He Of The Mighty Eyeliner might not be dead, seeing as how he's supposed to be immortal.

Questions, questions, everywhere! They kept popping up last night, and daylight didn't bring us respite from the "What ifs" and "How the f—ks?" Thus my colleague Vanessa White Wolf and I sat down to chat about some of our favorite moments and look forward to what might be coming down the line on Sunday's series finale.

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