'Law and Order' Cancelled And Jessica Alba's Birthday In Today's Twitter-Wood

Cancellation news came in spades to Twitter-Wood this week. First it was "The Sarah Silverman Program," and now the ax has fallen on "Law and Order." Luckily, Ice-T spoke up to assure everyone that "SVU" is still going strong, but some fans are feeling cheated.

Tyrese Gibson tweeted a grievance as well today, calling Apple out for not using a wider variety of users in their iPad advertisements. Check out what he wants to see changed, as well as what Cannes looked like in 1969 and who wished Jessica Alba a happy birthday. It's all retweeted for your perusal after the jump in Twitter-Wood for May 14, 2010.

Twitter Pic of the Day:

@ebertchicago Cannes 1969: Hopper, Feliciano, Fonda, Jefferson, Nicholson. They went with a biker pic, came back as stars. http://twitpic.com/1nq7ff

-Roger Ebert, Critic/Writer ("Beyond the Valley of the Dolls," "Up!")

Law and Order pt. 1: @sethmeyers21 NBC cancels Law and Order. I'm so bum-bummed.

-Seth Meyers, Actor ("Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist," "Saturday Night Live")

Law and Order pt. 2: @FINALLEVEL All the L&O SVU fans stand up!.. We're still going strong!! But shits gettin hectic. Damn.

-Ice-T, Actor ("New Jack City," "Law and Order: SVU")

Law and Order pt. 3: @JamesUrbaniak The death of Law and Order was discovered by an early morning jogger on the Upper West Side.

-James Urbaniak, Actor ("The Venture Bros.," "Across the Universe")

Law and Order pt. 4: @KatzMoney Law & Order has been bad for a while now but cancelling it just short of tying the Gunsmoke series record? Wow...

-Jeff Katz, Producer ("Snakes on a Plane," "Shoot 'Em Up")

@diablocody I will find a way to get involved with this "Roller Coaster Tycoon" movie. Even if I have to work the food truck.

-Diablo Cody, Writer ("Juno," "Jennifer's Body")

@DavidSpade so kendra has a sex tape coming out? sweet . ill go wait in line now like its star wars

-David Spade, Actor ("Tommy Boy," "Joe Dirt")

Jessica Alba pt. 1: @KimKardashian @jessicaalba happy belated birthday! Xo

-Kim Kardashian, Actress ("Disaster Movie," "Beyond the Break")

Jessica Alba pt. 2: @rosariodawson Fun belated bday din last nite @jessicaalba. I'll bring my dancing shoes nxt time! & gr8 2 hang w/ U @Jaime_King twice in 1 wk! Go Taureans!

-Rosario Dawson, Actress ("Sin City," "Death Proof")

@Tyrese4ReaL Why aren't there any black folks on these ipad billboards??? Can we get maybe a lighterskinned arm and foot?? Come Apple we LOVE you too!!!

-Tyrese Gibson, Actor ("Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen," "Legion")

@GarySinise Bad weather.sitting on plane http://twitpic.com/1nr2wz

-Gary Sinise, Actor ("Forrest Gump," "CSI: Miami")

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