'FlashForward' Canceled, But Who Didn't See That One Coming?

FlashForwardWhen the world blacked out for two minutes and seventeen seconds on October 6, 2009, what did you see? If you saw the cancellation of "FlashForward," it looks like your future visions have caught up with reality.

Television networks are in the process of ordering pilots to series, granting new season orders and even cutting programs entirely. One such deceased series is "FlashForward," as ABC has decided not to afford Mark Benford and the rest of the Mosaic Team further time to prevent the foretold end of the world on December 12, 2016.

But even if you're a fan of the show, can you really say that you didn't see this coming?

"FlashForward" was a series with great promise. Some intriguing characters, excellent actors, major set pieces, curious puzzles and compelling story lines. But it didn't smell quite right even from the very start. For me — and I know this is a bizarre thing to say — the music tipped me off right away. The score sounded as if it belonged in a Michael Bay film, even as the premise struggled to echo the mysterious nature of "Lost." That's a combination only a handful of experts could really craft into something compelling.

Of course, there were other problems, chief among them being an overabundance of characters. The truly great "FlashForward" personalities were never a stable ingredient on the show — Demetri was and still may be fated to die, Dyson Frost did die, Janis was a mole and then she wasn't and then she kind of was — while the most boring of them all, Mark Benford, remained at the epicenter. Even less integral characters like Aaron Stark and Bryce Varley, although interesting, were too far out on the fringe to have any true pull on the bulk of viewers.

Then there's the scheduling. As I wrote in last night's recap, the massive break from December to March completely derailed the real time component, one of the most alluring aspects of "FlashForward." We're right on the cusp of the dreaded April 29 date on the series, but we're well into May in reality. No, there was never really any risk to the home viewer, but we survived the day of the flash-forward nonetheless. A big chunk of the drama is gone.

Now, my only real concern is that we won't have any sort of satisfying closure to "FlashForward." With shooting on the series presumably finished, the ending is more or less locked-and-loaded well before cancellation. We'll find out exactly how this whole thing plays out when the series ender airs on May 27, but at least one thing is certain: the next blackout won't come with any glimpses of the future for "FlashForward." We already know the show's ultimate fate.

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