FRINGE: Episode 2.22, 'Over There, Part 1 of 2'

FringeEpisode Title: "Over There, Part 1 of 2"

Written By: J.H. Wyman & Jeff Pinkner & Akiva Goldsman

Story: Peter Bishop has gone over to the alternate reality to join his real family in a world where Walternate has great influence. In light of Peter's disappearance, a distraught Walter realizes that his "son" has the potential to bring about the end of the world, leading to a daring infiltration into the alternate reality to rescue Peter.

But the plan hinges on the assistance of an incommunicado William Bell, leading to some unexpected consequences for several characters.

The Other Side: This isn't the first time "Fringe" has gone over to the alternate realm, but it's certainly the most extensive trip yet. Viewers found themselves in the other world right at the beginning of the episode, and man, it was glorious! The subtle differences between different versions of the same characters were wonderfully executed, particularly with Anna Torv as the two Olivias. On top of that, the major distinctions between the two universes — one filled with sci-fi tech, the other less so — were awesome to behold. Overall, the journey to the alternate universe was far from a letdown.

My only complaint is that the two hour finale was broken up over two weeks. I could have easily tuned in for another several hours. Heck, I could watch an entire parallel series focused solely on the alternate universe!

Peter's Path: Even as Peter finds himself reconnecting with his mother, it's clear that Walternate has other plans in mind for his reclaimed son. Whether or not he's going to put him on the path towards doomsday isn't fully clear, but that seems to be the suggestion by the end of part one. No matter what Walternate has up his sleeve, Peter's road remains rocky.

Welcome Back: It was nice to see the Cortexiphan Kids again — the scarred Nick Lane, pyrokinetic Nancy Lewis and cancer-ridden James Heath — even if the reunion was short-lived. Also, a huge welcome back to alternate Charlie Francis, played by the terrific Kirk Acevedo! Even with that menacing scar and a nasty case of the worms, it's always a pleasure to see Charlie on "Fringe."

Of course, the greatest comeback belongs to William Bell, played brilliantly but briefly by Leonard Nimoy. Presumably, next week's second half will have a much higher Bell quotient, especially as he and Olivia have to locate and assist the badly injured Walter Bishop. I can't wait to see William and Walter in action once and for all.

Walter's Weekly Wisdom: "Well, if none of you are going to kill me, I think I'll go and have a little bit of a cry."

The Future: The second half of the "Fringe" finale airs next week, promising confrontations between father and son, Bell and Bishop, and Olivia and Olivia.

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