FLASHFORWARD: Episode 1.20, 'The Negotiation'

FlashForwardEpisode Title: "The Negotiation"

Written By: Byron Balasco & Quinton Peeples and Debbie Ezer

Story: It's April 28, the day before time catches up with the flash-forwards. As the FBI scrambles to prevent another blackout from occurring, triple agent Janis Hawk is tasked with killing Mark Benford. But Benford is acting on some hunches of his own, one of which involves Gabriel McDowd, the autistic man with a strange attachment to Olivia and a deep awareness of the future.

Meanwhile, Simon Campos comes into contact with the head of the conspiracy and is asked to make a choice — become a part of the inner circle, or suffer the consequences.

The Hawk Unleashed: Well, that was anti-climactic. After weeks of flip-flopping allegiances, Janis Hawk's status as a triple agent was revealed — all because Benford had a hunch and asked her point blank about it. Now, she's not going to have an opportunity to kill Benford and her terrorist bosses will be out for blood. It's a shame, because not only did her status as a mole invite some interesting plot lines, but I also kind of wanted to see her kill Benford. What, don't tell me you're not sick of him, too!

It All Leads To The Same Place: Even though Demetri Noh survived past his death date in March, it appears that he's still meant to die. In all of Gabriel's flash-forwards, Demetri is dead. Although Dem is one of the very best characters on the show, I almost want him to die at this point — not only does it feel like he has to die, but do we really want to spend the next however many seasons hearing people talk about how Demetri is supposed to die? Perhaps it's best to let the character go out with a bang.

Meanwhile In Afghanistan: Finally, Aaron Stark gets to kill people! Of all the main characters, he's the closest to fulfilling his flash-forward. Of course, with his daughter on the brink of death, you know she's going to pass away moments after his vision comes to life. There's no happy ending to be found here, which is a good thing, because that will leave Stark on a total vengeance quest against Jericho for however long he remains on the show.

What's Wrong With This Picture: As if it needs to be said, there are problems with "FlashForward." Big, potentially insurmountable problems. Right now, one of the greatest problems is the fact that the dates don't match up. Part of the charm of this show was that we the audience got to experience the day-to-day lives of these terrified characters, but that maddeningly long midseason break completely derailed the schedule.

As a result, many viewers feel disconnected from the show's heart, myself included. With such little time left in the season, I'm not sure it's possible to fully reconnect with the material — but I'm certainly hoping to be proven wrong.

The Future: Next week, we hit the day of the flash-forward. Let's see what happens.

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