EXCLUSIVE: 'Troll 2' Stars Reminisce About The Bad Old Times In This Clip From 'Best Worst Movie'

In 1990, a movie was released called "Troll 2." It's not actually a sequel to anything; the title was simply meant to draw in audiences familiar with the 1986 horror flick "Troll." In fact, there aren't even any trolls in "Troll 2." There are goblins. Vegetarian goblins who turn their victims into plants before consuming them.

Yes, I agree. That's freaking amazing. As you might expect, "Troll 2" wasn't exactly what industry folk refer to as a "hit." It has however become a cult classic. So much so that child star Michael Stephenson made a documentary about the production, "Best Worst Movie." You can see a clip of it below, in which the original stars laugh at some of the direction they received on the set.

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