LOST: The MTV News Team's Favorite WTF Moments!

by Sabrina Rojas Weiss

Beware, readers: There be spoilers here.

Is there any show that leaves you screaming at your TV more than "Lost"? This week's "Across the Sea" episode had many of us at MTV News yelling helplessly at inanimate objects. The entire show revolves around a cave filled with golden light? Wha? And of course, it had us feeling nostalgic for those times when the craziest mystery on the show was just a harmless polar bear on a tropical island. So here, in chronological order, is our list of the top 10 "WTF" moments in "Lost" history. Some of these moments were complete game-changers; others were just shocking. Tell us what we're missing in the comments below.

1. John Locke, the guy with all the hunting and survival skills, was paraplegic before the crash. (Season one, episode four, "Walkabout.")

2. After condescendingly explaining that old dynamite is unstable and dangerous, Leslie Arzt explodes. OK, this was more startling than revelatory, but it set us up for seasons of anxiety whenever anyone nears an explosive. (Season one, episode 23, "Exodus, Part I.")

3. The hatch turns out to be a fully decked out '70s bunker with electricity, a food supply and a computer you have to type the numbers into every 108 minutes. (Season two, episode one, "Man of Science, Man of Faith.")

4. Michael shoots Ana-Lucia and Libby to free Ben. (Season two, episode 20, "Two for the Road.")

5. The Losties see the statue of the four-toed foot for the first time. (Season two, episode 23, "Live Together, Die Alone, Part I.")

6. Desmond begins travelling back in time, where he sees Charlie and meets scary Eloise Hawking. (Season three, episode eight, "Flashes Before Your Eyes.")

7. Anthony Cooper, Locke's no-good dad who turns out to be the con artist who caused Sawyer's parents' death, shows up on the Island. (Season three, episode 18, "The Brig.")

8. After an entire episode of what seemed like a Jack flashback, we learn that it's a flashforward and he actually made it off the Island. (Season three, episode 23, "Through the Looking Glass, Part II.")

9. The body in the coffin is John Locke's. (Two for one! Season four, episode 14, "There's No Place Like Home, Part III," AND season five, episode 17, "The Incident, Part II.")

10. Detonating the nuclear bomb worked, but it created two universes?!? (Season six, episode one, "LAX, Parts I and II.")