'Eclipse' Soundtrack Announcements Continue: So Many Bands!

It's been a little bit since I brought you the last "Eclipse" soundtrack update, but now I'm back and there are a bunch of new additions to report. Four more, to be precise.

New York City rock band The Bravery will be featured with a song called "Ours," which the band's blog reveals is all new for the soundtrack. Florence + the Machine also gets a track, "Heavy In Your Arms." Not so much a band, Florence + the Machine is the name Florence Welch records under, in a sort of rock/soul blend. I've poked around a little bit and it appears that "Heavy" is also a brand new track. For those not keeping score at home, it seems that everyone announced so far will be contributing newly recorded material to the soundtrack.

Or not. Fanfarlo breaks the trend, with their song "Atlas" being featured as the sixth song on the soundtrack. Or maybe not; "Atlas" is a song they've been playing live, but it doesn't appear to be on their one and only album, "Reservoir." Southern blues/rock duo The Black Keys look to have a new one though, a song called "Chop and Change." Check out video samples for all of the newly announced artists after the jump, including a live version of Fanfarlo's "Atlas."