'The Adjustment Bureau' Trailer Arrives... And It DOES Reveal Too Much

The latest trailer for "Inception" arrived over the weekend and I posted it on the blog yesterday, wondering whether it reveals too much. I think it does, and while I still very much want to see the movie, I'm disappointed that certain key plot elements have now been spoiled. But hey, the movie's out in July and this isn't the first trailer; I could have NOT watched it.

Today brings the debut trailer for "The Adjustment Bureau," a smart sci-fi flick adapted from a Philip K. Dick short story and starring Matt Damon and Emily Blunt. I put my "Inception" post up as a question but, to me, there's no question here: this trailer reveals far, far too much. Do I want to see it? Absolutely. Would I have wanted to see it based on a trailer with a little less story, a little more of that cool imagery? Also, absolutely. It's especially baffling with the movie not hitting theaters until September 17. I'll still be there opening day, but if you want to stay pure I would caution you to skip this trailer.