MTV Movie Awards Nominations Announced: Vampires Vs. Space Aliens

The world is full of ninjas, robots, zombies... all manner of fantastical creatures. Still, we all knew that it would eventually come down to this all-star match-up: vampires vs. space aliens.

The 2010 MTV Movie Awards nominations have officially been announced. "The Hangover" actually leads the pack, with six nominations. Big-ticket "Best Movie" contenders "Avatar" and "New Moon" each have five noms and they face off in three categories. Will the top-grossing movie of all time be able to defeat the enduring appeal of the Cullen/Swan/Black love triangle? The odds would seem to favor James Cameron's blue aliens, but MTV's audience does have a great love for the "Twilight." I'd run a poll to see what you readers think but, well... that's what the voting page is for. For more of a rundown on the nominees, check out the full report on