'Kane & Lynch' Poster Arrives, And We've Got A Full-Size Version Right Here!

The Internet's been abuzz today over the revelation that a poster exists for upcoming video game adaptation "Kane & Lynch" on Nu Image's website. It's a slick poster, very simple and stylized. You only see the two stars in silhouette, but Bruce Willis' and Jamie Foxx's names are both listed. We haven't heard a whole lot about the movie yet, but the poster confirms that it really is happening. Which is pretty damn cool.

The first game was... problematic... but the idea was right and the story was actually more well-developed than is typical for a video game. If the gameplay had been stronger, it could've been a real hit. Fortunately for the movie, gameplay isn't an issue at all. Presuming they work with the story laid out in the first game, "Kane & Lynch" could be a fun 2011 action romp, especially with Willis and Foxx headlining it. Hit the jump for a full-size version of the poster.