'Inception' Trailer Arrives: Does It Spoil Too Much?

When "Iron Man 2" arrived in theaters last week, a new trailer for "Inception" showed up with it. Followers of this blog know that I've made a concerted effort to avoid finding out too much about this movie; trailers and TV spots are fine, but I've shied away from the more spoiler-y leaks and breaking news.

This latest trailer though... I'm disappointed now, after watching it. Which isn't to say that it's bad; it isn't. It just happens to be very revealing. Like "here's where the 'Matrix' rabbit hole goes revealed in a trailer" revealing. So in short... watch the following trailer at your own risk. Chris Nolan has cooked up some crazy stuff for his coming movie. I just wish I'd been able to steer clear of the particulars until the movie arrives in July.