What Burning LOST Mysteries Lie 'Across The Sea?'

LostThere are only four and a half hours remaining before "Lost" is over. That hardly seems like enough time to address all of the mysteries proposed over the course of the series' six seasons, but tonight's installment — titled "Across the Sea" — has the potential to cover quite a bit of "Lost" ground.

We'll keep some of the more spoilery details for after the jump, but suffice it to say, "Across the Sea" promises to reveal a healthy heaping of Island history. In fact, we're of the mind that several of the show's most burning questions could be answered in this episode.

After the jump, check out some of the most pressing "Lost" questions we might finally receive answers to in "Across the Sea." Last reminder — there be spoilers ahead!

Who Are The Players: Jacob and the Man in Black take center stage in tonight's episode. Preview footage for "Across the Sea" shows the sandy-haired kid that's been giving Smocke so much grief in recent episodes, alongside another as-yet-revealed dark-haired boy. All signs point to an origin story for these beacons of light and darkness, which means we might finally learn exactly who and what Jacob and the MIB are.

What Are The Rules: Presumably, learning more about who Jacob and MIB are will lead to some elaboration on the rules that govern their moves. MIB had to find a loophole in order to kill Jacob as well as the candidates, while Jacob can seemingly do just about anything he wants. I don't expect we'll get a close up look at any kind of rule book, but the laws of the Island should become a bit clearer nonetheless.

Who Are The Architects: There are so many structures on the Island that require a greater level of understanding — the four-toed statue, for instance, and the frozen donkey wheel. While we'll never know these mysterious architects as deeply as we got to meet the DHARMA Initiative, "Across the Sea" could give us a solid dose of information on who is responsible for the Island's most curious constructions.

Who Are Adam & Eve: One of the longest standing mysteries on "Lost" is the identity of the two human bodies hidden away in the water-bearing caves dubbed by Jack as "Adam and Eve." As they were reintroduced this season in "Lighthouse," it's wise to follow Mr. Eko's advice and not confuse coincidence for fate — and if we're going to find out who Adam and Eve are, it's likely to be in "Across the Sea," an episode that promises to travel far back in time. My money remains on Rose and Bernard.

What Are The Stakes: In "Ab Aeterno," Jacob presented the compelling metaphor of the Island as a cork on a bottle of wine preventing the dark liquid — which represents evil — from leaking out into the world. But is the Smoke Monster the only embodiment of this tangible malice, or are there other great evils lurking about that the Island is keeping at bay? With only three and a half hours remaining after "Across the Sea," expect the stakes to come into sharper focus by the end of tonight's conclusion.

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