'Ghostbusters 3' Is A Reality And Coming Christmas 2012, Harold Ramis Says

The on-again/off-again/on-again news about "Ghostbusters 3" is enough to drive a fan crazy. First it's happening. Then it isn't. Then it is again. Then the writers release a movie, "Year One," that turns out to be pretty lousy. Then series star Bill Murray says he's not interested, which doesn't bode well since a sequel depends on the approval of the three original 'Busters and director Ivan Reitman. Now, star Harold Ramis has confirmed that yes, it really is happening, and a Christmas 2012 release is the plan. He said that in an interview with ABC.

Do you think it's ever really going to happen? With the ambivalence expressed thus far by key players, will you actually care if it does? Check out the full story on FilmShaft.