'Twilight Zone' San Diego Comic-Con Bobblehead Shouldn't Be Allowed To Cook You Dinner

A couple of weeks ago we brought you word of a "Twilight Zone" bobblehead that will be exclusively available from online "cool s--t" retailer Entertainment Earth this summer at San Diego Comic-Con, and then through their website in August. It turns out that there will be a second "Twilight Zone" bobblehead from EE, depicting the alien emissary of the Kanamit from the classic episode, "To Serve Man."

One of the best-known episodes of the original series, "To Serve Man" submits for your approval a scenario in which an extra-terrestrial race known as the Kanamit arrives on Earth. The newcomers used their advanced technology to cure the worst of humanity's woes -- disease, famine, even war -- eventually earning enough trust to convince some of our people to visit their homeworld. And that's when we learn the shocking truth: the innocuously titled Kanamit book "To Serve Man" is actually a COOKBOOK! Check out the full picture of EE's bobblehead after the jump.