Mother's Day Movie Moms Who Really Need A Hug

"What day is today? Today is Mother's Day!"

Leave it to the Olsen Twins circa "Full House" to provide one of the catchiest and most heartwarming Mother's Day sing-song reminders in popular culture history. Of course, today is a day where people across the country (and in several other areas of the world) flock together to honor their mothers, offering a 24-hour period of respite for the women who raised us from infancy, throughout our awful and awkward adolescence, and remain an influence on our adult lives.

Not every mother is an immediate candidate for Mother's Day worship; some are just downright mean, depressing or sad. But really, the only thing these women need is one extraordinary day filled with hugs, laughter and love to crack their tough exteriors. Like the following five movie mothers, for instance.

Mama Fratelli

If you had two numbskulls like Francis and Jake for children, not to mention a mutated candy-loving offspring named Sloth, wouldn't you be just a bit grouchy? Not to say that Mama Fratelli from "The Goonies" isn't a horrible person herself, but something tells me that this brick wall of a woman just needs one day where her selfish kids inundate her with foot massages, stolen jewelry and zero nonsense — that means no jailbreaks and no pirate ships!

Norman Bates

Norman isn't a mother in the traditional sense — okay, he's not a mother in any sense, except that he runs around killing people while dressed up like his dead mother. But the "Psycho" antagonist might cool off if somebody just embraced his alter-ego and gave him the love he feels he deserves, at least once a year. Instead of having a murderous psycho on the loose, you'd just have a decidedly unbalanced cross-dresser on your hands. Not a bad trade.


If there is any mother in movie history that could use a big hug, it's Precious. Even with a terrible role model of a mother in her life, Precious still managed to treat her kids with love and maturity, but that doesn't mean her own personal road is any easier. There are too many mothers like Precious out there in the world — the good-hearted but horribly abused women without the resources to properly care for their kids. Moms like Precious don't just need a hug; they need a hand.

Sarah Connor

There aren't too many mothers quite like Sarah Connor, a woman who frequently battles robots from the future in order to protect her son, the future leader of mankind, from brutal termination. Is it too much for Sarah to ask for one day a year where she gets to kick her feet back, enjoy some breakfast in bed and a little bit of pampering from bratty John? Given everything she puts herself through on a regular basis for her son, Sarah could really use a break from fighting the Terminators, if only for 24 hours.

The Queen Alien

Let's face it — very few human beings are going to sympathize with the Queen Alien, the mother of all acid-bleeding creatures and terrifying facehuggers everywhere. But within the Aliens community, the queen bee deserves some respect and appreciation. This is a woman who is so protective of her offspring that she'll even roll up the sleeves and go retractable jaw-to-powerloader against a worthy opponent like Ellen Ripley, all in the name of her Alien children. That's a mom who deserves some real credit!

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