'Iron Man 2' Bursts Ahead Of The Pack In The Saturday Box Office Report

Iron Man 21. "Iron Man 2" ($52.4 million)

2. "A Nightmare on Elm Street" ($3.3 million)

3. "Date Night" ($1.6 million)

4. "How To Train Your Dragon" ($1.5 million)

5. "The Back-Up Plan" ($1.4 million)

The summer movie season is officially in session, and a certain red-and-gold armored superhero is leading the charge. "Iron Man 2" burst into theaters this weekend with all the excitement you would expect out of Marvel's premiere superhero, leading to a $52.4 million opening day.

The "Iron Man" sequel launched on Thursday at midnight and accumulated an impressive $7.5 million from those showings, moving on throughout the rest of the day to a $52 million Friday. "Iron Man 2" is playing in 4,380 theaters across the United States for the widest release in Hollywood history, a record previously held by "The Dark Knight."

But Tony Stark isn't likely to best Bruce Wayne where it counts — the record for best opening weekend. In 2008, "The Dark Knight" debuted to the tune of $158.4 million at the domestic box office. Original estimates suggested that "Iron Man 2" could land between $150 - 160 million, but that number is probably closer to $130 million at this point. 

Even if "Iron Man 2" doesn't match the records established by "The Dark Knight," the movie has already done extraordinary business overseas thanks to its international release last week. Putting American numbers aside, "Iron Man 2" has earned close to $200 million. At this pace, there's no question that the "Iron Man" sequel is a big success for Marvel.

Compared to "Iron Man 2," the rest of the weekend's competitors performed negligibly — last week's "Nightmare on Elm Street" led the pack with $3.3 million followed by "How To Train Your Dragon," "The Back Up Plan" and "Date Night."

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