EXCLUSIVE: Judd Apatow To Produce Unannounced Paul Rudd/David Wain/Ken Marino Project

Judd Apatow. If anyone can make dreams of an "Anchorman" sequel come true, he can. Right? Sadly, no. He wants for it to happen, but the way he spoke of it with MTV's Christina Garibaldi on the Time 100 red carpet this week, it sounds like he's waiting just like the rest of us.

"I know everyone wants to do it. And so I hope that they get the chance to make it," he said. "The world needs more 'Anchorman,' that's clear." It is clear. But if not "Anchorman," then what's next?

"I'm producing a movie that Paul Rudd's in that's shooting in the fall which David Wain wrote with Ken Marino, and they're going to announce that soon," he said. That's all Apatow would reveal. "We talk now," he said.

Rudd, Wain and Marino have teamed up a bit, most notably on the hilarious "Role Models." What do you think the mystery project Apatow's referring to could be?

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