EXCLUSIVE: 'Zoolander' Sequel Not In Danger, Updates From Ben Stiller And Justin Theroux

Earlier this week, Ben Stiller posted a troubling tweet that led some fans to believe that the "Zoolander" sequel might be in danger. We spoke to him on the Time 100 red carpet days later and he quickly cleared it up, saying "I think that tweet has been misinterpreted a little." He didn't elaborate any more than that, but director/co-writer Justin Theroux sure did when we spoke to him at the "Iron Man 2" premiere.

"'Zoolander 2' is up next," he confirmed. "That's what I'm teeing up. We've got some big plans, but they're not fleshed out enough to talk about yet. I'm writing and directing."

Theroux remained mum on details, including celebrity cameos, but he did say that the hope is to "triple" the number of celebrity cameos in comparison to the first movie. As long as Billy Zane is back, I won't complain. "As many celebrity cameos as possible," Theroux said.

As far as returning cast members go, only a couple can be confirmed at this point. "Ben [Stiller] is back, Owen Wilson we think is back. That's it for the moment." Will Ferrell is the other major hoped-for returning player.

When we last saw Ferrell as fashion designer Mugatu, he was being arrested for engineering a plot to assassinate the prime minister of Malaysia. Just about every fan of the original wants to know what the likelihood is of seeing more Mugatu. "We hope [Ferrell will come back], fingers crossed. No spoilers, but fingers crossed."

Beyond that Theroux would only confirm that, like the first movie, this sequel will incorporate as much of current pop culture as possible. "It's 10 years later and they're completely irrelevant, that's what's happened to Derek and Hansel. They've probably fallen off the radar. Everything in pop culture is up for grabs."