'Super 8' Movie Trailer Reminds Us Of These Five Exciting Teasers!

Who could have predicted five days ago that "Iron Man 2" wouldn't be the most buzzed about movie of the week? Tony Stark might earn top dollar this weekend, but he's surrendering his status as the week's water cooler centerpiece to "Super 8," the mysterious new project written/directed by J.J. Abrams and produced by Steven Spielberg.

Clearly, the marquee names are the main draw, but the mysterious nature of the teaser itself is playing a major role in why fans are so enticed by "Super 8." A solid teaser trailer can do wonders for filling out theaters, even if there isn't a huge franchise to back it up.

After the jump, we've listed some of the most exciting teaser trailers in recent memory.


Although it's unrelated to "Super 8," you can't blame fans for expecting a connection between Abrams' new project and his older "Cloverfield." Less of a film and more of an event, "Cloverfield" owes everything to that one, brief teaser taking average partygoers out to the streets of New York and into something completely hellish.

"Mission: Impossible III"

Many fans lost faith in the "Mission Impossible" franchise after John Woo's second entry — it just wasn't what they were expecting. But in only 90 seconds, Abrams was able to turn those opinions around with a bone-chilling monologue from Philip Seymour Hoffman followed promptly by all the action you'd expect out of Ethan Hunt. Without a doubt, "Mission: Impossible" was back.

"Star Wars: Episode I — The Phantom Menace"

Even if "The Phantom Menace" didn't fully live up to the hype, there's no denying that the hype was there. The first original "Star Wars" theatrical film in almost two full decades, promising that every saga has a beginning and offering the potential of the dual lightsaber-wielding Darth Maul. As far as getting an already excitable fan base even more excited, the "Phantom Menace" teaser certainly did the trick.

"The Dark Knight"

"Heath Ledger is the Joker? Seriously?" How many times did you hear fans complaining about that casting? But with one brilliantly constructed teaser, built entirely around Ledger's sickly Joker voice, fans began to seriously consider the possibilities of the late actor's impending performance. The rest, as they say, is history.


There's something truly epic about "Finding Nemo" director Andrew Stanton recalling a 1994 lunch where several of Pixar's greatest movies were first conjured up, with the unassuming "Wall-E" being the last idea of the bunch. Cut to this adorable machine with the scratchy voice, almost 15 years in the making. Even without a shred of information about the movie's plot, Pixar fans the world over instantly fell in love with the little robot that could.

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