'Super 8' Trailer, Website Sneaks Online... How Interested Are You?

There's been a flurry of activity surrounding J.J. Abrams and Steven Spielberg over the past week. First there was the news that a collaboration was in the works for the two. Then a rumor surfaced that a trailer for a mysterious Abrams written & directed project -- believed to be a "Cloverfield" sequel or prequel -- would run in front of "Iron Man 2" this weekend. Then it was confirmed that the trailer, for a movie called "Super 8," has nothing to do with "Cloverfield" but is the Abrams/Spielberg collaboration.

Which brings us to today. "Iron Man 2" opened in a midnight release last night and of course some intrepid viewer captured the trailer on a camera phone and posted it on the Internet. An official version will surely arrive soon enough, but those who can't wait can probably poke around now and find it. Whenever it does arrive online, you'll surely be able to find it on the newly launched official website. People are clearly interested in "Super 8"; now that you've seen the trailer, how are you feeling about it?