FRINGE: Episode 2.21, 'Northwest Passage'

FringeEpisode Title: "Northwest Passage"

Written By: Ashley Edward Miller, Zack Stentz, Nora Zuckerman & Lilla Zuckerman

Story: After learning the truth about his alternate reality origins, Peter Bishop leaves Boston for some alone time in the woods of Washington. But he quickly realizes that the past isn't far behind in light of some mysterious deaths, prompting Peter to help a local sheriff in the grisly investigation.

Back in Boston, Walter Bishop's mental state begins to deteriorate due to his depression over Peter's disappearance. Olivia Dunham finds a lead on Peter's whereabouts, but can she get to him before the mysterious secretary does?

Soul Searching: It would have been so easy for Peter to go on an angry rampage following the events of "The Man From the Other Side," but "Fringe" went in a different direction. Instead, Peter — fully aware of where he really comes from — decided to stay true to who he's become by helping Sheriff Matthis (Martha Plimpton!!) in her investigation. I think it's pretty mature storytelling, resisting the urge to turn Peter into an angsty ball of self-loathing. You can see that he's hurting, but he's still not quite sure how to process everything. Excellent work from the writers and Joshua Jackson.

Lose Yourself: The same can be said for Walter — he's losing his mind over what he did. The fact that he can't explain himself to Peter is literally driving him crazy. Doctor Bishop has always been a goofy nutball, but he's such a compelling character to watch when he's in this type of tortured state. But it really says something when you're actually waiting for the Peter scenes over the Walter scenes — as great as John Noble was tonight, it was still Jackson's show.

Enter Walternate: Behold, the secretary! I'm so glad it's not William Bell, not because I don't want to see Leonard Nimoy, but because the sight of a menacing Walter Bishop is absolutely bone-chilling. This is not the man we've known for two seasons, despite physical similarities. This is not the same warm and awkward mad scientist we've come to love. It's going to be quite interesting getting to know this cold side of the Bishop patriarch, and I'm very excited to see what Noble does with the new character.

Walter's Weekly Wisdom: "What am I going to do, call you every time I run out of pudding pops?!"

Walter's Weekly Wisdom II: "I... I do need pudding pops."

Next Case: The first hour of the season finale, titled "Over There," is next. We're going to meet Alternate Olivia. Brace yourself, people!

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