FLASHFORWARD: Episode 1.19, 'Course Correction'

DESCEpisode Title: "Course Correction"

Written By: Robert J. Sawyer

Story: A killer is targeting innocent victims who just so happened to have lived past their projected death dates, prompting the still alive Demetri Noh to launch an investigation. Meanwhile, Simon Campos has a chance to save his sister, but it requires him selling out the FBI, particularly Mark Benford. Speaking of Benford, it turns out that he has every reason in the world to fear his wife's flashforward, as Olivia's love affair with Lloyd Simcoe escalates.

A Novel Approach: Robert J. Sawyer — no relation to the "Lost" con man —wrote tonight's episode, and he just so happens to be the author of the novels that "FlashForward" is based on. This was his first crack at writing the television adaptation. So what did you think? Did he do a good job? Let's dig into the story a bit and find out!

Suspect Zero: So, let's think about what we learned tonight. Suspect Zero is officially Simon Campos. But didn't we find this out a few weeks ago, back when we learned that Simon never really blacked out? I suppose the FBI never knew this information, but the way it was presented in the episode — as part of a major twist — it felt rather forced.

Cause of the Blackout: A major piece of the puzzle dropped tonight with the dramatic opening sequence revealing the cause of the blackout — none other than the experiment conducted by Simon and Lloyd, as many had already suspected. Not disappointing, especially considering how fun it was to watch the pace of the revelation.

Simon's Next Step: So, Simon is off to cause another blackout. Big surprise? Not really. We've always known that Simon was a shifty character, so this is just another notch in that belt. It makes sense that he'd be responsible for the next blackout, so making this the episode cliffhanger felt rather unnecessary.

Damage Report: Sawyer wrote some excellent moments — Gabriel dissecting his hamburger stands out to me — but overall, "Course Correction" was a bit of a dud. The side stories either felt forced or unimportant, while the major reveals of the main plot were hardly surprising. I would love to see Sawyer take another swing at "FlashForward," particularly with a unique and outside-the-box standalone episode. Unfortunately, this outing just didn't hit the mark.

The Future: Janis Hawk still has to kill Mark Benford, Demetri Noh still has to travel to Hawaii to marry Zoe, and everyone in the world has one day left before the day of the flashforward commences.

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