The Original Freddy Has A New Nightmare, James Gandolfini Returns To HBO Sans 'Sopranos' In Today's Dailies -- 5/6/10

Robert Englund -- Robert Englund doesn't need Freddy Krueger. He's got an all-new demonic franchise to call his own in the form of "Inkubus," an independent horror movie about a demon that walks into a police station and confesses to several crimes, all while holding a severed head. Perfect. [Variety]

-- James Gandolfini is on his way back to HBO, but he won't be returning to his mafia roots. Instead, he'll produce and possibly star in single-camera comedy series "Taxi-22" based on a French Canadian comedy about an inappropriate cab driver. [Deadline]

-- Elizabeth Perkins is no longer rocking the ganja, as the "Weeds" actress is leaving the Showtime series in favor of a big screen role in "I Hop," a live-action/CG-animated hybrid comedy. [The Hollywood Reporter]

-- Prepare yourselves for another "Ice Age," because a sequel is on the way! The film will be titled "Ice Age: Continental Drift" and is set for a 3-D release on July 13, 2012. [Variety]

-- Director Rian Johnson has revealed new details on "Loopers," his forthcoming science fiction thriller starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt. According to Johnson, the movie centers on a group of killers called loopers who assassinate time-displaced "hogtied and blindfolded" victims sent to them by mysterious clients from the future. [Cinematical]

-- "Greenberg" actress Greta Gerwig has signed on to star opposite Russell Brand in the "Arthur" remake, playing the role previously occupied by Liza Minneli. [Deadline]

-- The new "G.I. Joe" animated series headed to Hasbro's HUB network just loaded up some heavy artillery in the form of James Marsden as the voice of Duke. [The Terror Drome]

-- Former "The Sopranos" actor Michael Imperioli is set to star in indie horror thriller "Foreclosure," a Queens-based ghost story inspired by the mortgage crisis. [Variety]