Tim Gunn Joins 'The Smurfs'... These Other Franchises Could Use His Guide To Style Too

Tim Gunn is well known for his fashion advice, but he's starting to build a reputation for himself beyond "Project Runway" and "Tim Gunn's Guide to Style" with something of a big screen presence. He's already set to appear in this month's "Sex and the City 2," and now there's news that he'll star in "The Smurfs" as an executive assistant at a major cosmetics company.

Clearly, Gunn's theatrical makeover isn't ripping him away from the fashion industry altogether — from the sound of it, his acting roles are firmly tied to his status as an expert on what styles are in and which ones are out. But the idea of Gunn making a film career out of playing analogues of himself in major franchises like "The Smurfs" sounds rather brilliant, at least to me.

After the jump, I've listed a few other franchise films that could use some in-movie fashion guidance from Gunn.

Jason Bourne Prequel/Sequel(?)

As Matt Damon vacates the "Bourne" series, a new actor will presumably fill the spy's shoes for a fourth installment. But just because the super agent has amnesia doesn't mean he can't remember how to dress well. With the advice of his secret spy tailor (Gunn), Bourne's style upgrade is sure to give James Bond's tuxedo collection a run for its money.

"The Chronicles of Narnia"

There's a reason that the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy worked and the "Chronicles of Narnia" saga hasn't, and it all comes down to fashion. Well, it's not all fashion, but Gunn as a fantasy fashionista could help the heroes of Narnia look as spiffy as Aragorn, Legolas and the other members of the fellowship.

"Masters of the Universe"

The fact that "Predators" screenwriters Alex Litvak and Michael Finch are penning the "Masters of the Universe" script indicates that the movie's tone will be fairly grim, but still, do you really want to lose all of the He-Man camp? Gunn's status as Castle Grayskull's armorer would ensure that He-Man isn't just fully equipped on the battlefields of Eternia — he's fully equipped and looking positively fabulous.


Gunn is already well-established for his critiques of superhero fashion, with an eye on "Spider-Man" in particular. But he doesn't need to be an outside observer — he could be Peter Parker's tailor in the new "Spider-Man" reboot! I mean, I buy a kid getting bitten by a radioactive spider and developing superpowers, but there's just no realistic way he designed that awesome costume all by himself.

"Terminator 5"

When (or if) a fifth "Terminator" installment rolls along, it's likely that Skynet will be in the process of hurtling robots backwards through time. Knowing that the machines-on-a-mission will arrive in the past in the buff, Skynet formulates a way for the robots to seek out clothing without causing a bloody ruckus at a biker bar: hitting up sleeper agent Tim Gunn for a well-stocked wardrobe. Come on, with a last name like "Gunn," the guy practically has the words "Terminator sympathizer" embroidered on his lapel!

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