MUST WATCH: 'Iron Man 2' Star Scarlett Johansson Makes Us Say The Dumbest Things

You can conjure up a lot of adjectives to describe me, but smooth surely is not one of them. Still, I'm relatively good, in my humble opinion, at thinking on my feet, mixing it up with the beautiful and well compensated Hollywood elite. That being said, every once in awhile I say something really stupid that makes me want to die. It just so happens that the latest incident of this came in the company of the lovely and talented Scarlett Johansson.

A little context--I did a whole slew of back to back interviews with the cast of "Iron Man 2" last week and truly was sick as a dog for all of them. Not an excuse, just context. So there I am trying not to impart some kind of monkey pox virus on Ms. va-va-voom and this pearl of a question comes out of my mouth. Honestly, I have no idea what I was asking. Watch and squirm and forgive me if you can.

Would you be able to keep it together in front of Scarlett? Who do you think is sassier, Josh or Scarlett?