Rachel Weisz Says She'll Play 'A Man Who Turns Into A Woman' In Karyn Kusama's 'The Invisible X'

Back in September we heard about an intriguing project that "Jennifer's Body" director Karyn Kusama has had her eye on for some time. The pitch doesn't have a title, but it is described as a "[David] Cronenberg-inspired body horror" tale focusing on gender issues and the intent is for the movie to star Rachel Weisz.

MTV spoke with Kusama shortly afterwards, and she spoke a little more about the plans. She's been trying to secure funding for it for almost a decade now, but the idea is for Weisz to play "two characters, or essentially two halves of the same character, but she is both male and female." We recently spoke with the actress, who will star in "Agora" this summer, and she gave us an update on where things are at for the project.

"It’s something we’ve talked about doing but there are no immediate plans for it. Sometimes it takes awhile for these things to get off the ground," she explained. Eight years definitely qualifies as "awhile." It could have something to do with the subject matter, Weisz playing a dual-gendered role.

"[It's called] 'The Invisible X,'" she said. "It's actually about a man who turns into a woman. Its an amazing script." She went on to say that the movie does indeed have the "tone" of a Cronenberg film, and that Kusama is currently working on a rewrite. The big roadblock up until now has just been getting funding for the indie.

"These independent films can take a long time to get together," Weisz explained. "Its almost impossible to make things now that aren’t genre pictures." As a fan of Kusama, Weisz and Cronenberg, I'm hoping that this one eventually does get made. What do you readers think?