Lynn Redgrave's Death, The Kentucky Derby And iPad Decisions In Today's Twitter-Wood

UPDATE: Internet weirdness left this post out of yesterday's publish, despite the fact that it WAS actually published. So... enjoy your day late Twitter-Wood, and keep an eye out for TODAY'S Twitter-Wood later!

Super Saver may have won the 2010 Kentucky Derby, but Fran Drescher won today's Twitter Pic of the Day with her Audrey Hepburn homage and modest hat for the event. Rain was not enough to scare her away from the race or the camera, it would appear.

A few tweets in the feed were decidedly less upbeat, though, as word broke that Oscar-nominated actress Lynn Redgrave passed away. An array of post from Alyssa Milano and Brody Stevens to Virginia Madsen and Denise Richards shared Twitter-Wood's collective reactions to her death. You can read a few of them after the jump, where you'll also find a quick update on "The Last Airbender" and Ashton Kutcher's advice to potential iPad buyers. I'm @brianwarmoth, and this is Twitter-Wood for May 3, 2010.

Twitter Pic of the Day:

@frandrescher A rainy pic from KY - At the Derby w/ my parents, CS, the Governor & First Lady. I tried 4 Audrey Hepburn!

-Fran Drescher ("The Beautician and the Beast," "The Nanny")

@LeDoctor AIRBENDER sound mix begins this morning at Skywalker ranch, I hope Yoda has recovered from Coachella...

-Frank Marshall, Director/Producer/Actor ("Arachnophobia," "Alive")

@serafinowicz Someone tell Justin Bieber his wig is on backwards.

-Peter Serafinowicz, Actor ("Shaun of the Dead," "Run Fatboy Run")

Lynn Redgrave pt. 1: @DENISE_RICHARDS My heart goes out to Lynn Redgrave's family...very sad..

-Denise Richards, Actress ("Blonde and Blonder," "Starship Troopers")

Lynn Redgrave pt. 2: @BrodyismeFriend Waited on her in NYC. Cafe Un Deaux Trois on 44th/6th @CNNshowbiz: Actress Lynn Redgrave dead at 67

-Brody Stevens, Actor ("The Hangover," "Blind Ambition")

Lynn Redgrave pt. 3: @Alyssa_Milano RIP (CNN) Actress Lynn Redgrave died Sunday after a seven-year battle with breast cancer, according to her family.

-Alyssa Milano, Actress ("Commando," "Charmed")

Lynn Redgrave pt. 4: @madlyv Brava Lynn Redgrave. U shall be as celebrated as u r missed!

-Virginia Madsen, Actress ("The Haunting in Connecticut," "Sideways")

@pattonoswalt When's Tom Hanks going to do a 10-part SNOOPY VS. THE RED BARON for HBO?

-Patton Oswalt, Actor ("Ratatouille," "Big Fan")

iPad pt. 1: @NickyHilton Debating buying the new iPad. Thoughts?

-Nicky Hilton, Actress ("Pledge This!," "Wishman")

iPad pt. 2: @aplusk I would recommend the iPad 2 people who want 2 consume media & ent but would warn that it's limiting 2 those who want 2 create it.

-Ashton Kutcher, Actor ("Spread," "The Butterfly Effect")

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