Jessica Alba Hints At Danny Trejo Romance in 'Machete'

Jessica Alba is hot. That's pretty clear to every man and woman. So, when news spread that she'd be playing twins in the upcoming Robert Rodriguez directed flick, "Machete," she got America's collective pulse pounding. Just imagine a world where two Jessica Albas exist. I know, right?

So, at the New York premiere of her flick, "The Killer Inside Me," she gave away a few more details about the relationship between the two girls. 

"They're sisters, obviously." She laughed. "They're best friends, but they certainly fight a lot. But they love each other."

With some rumblings that one of Alba's twins may find love with Machete, (played by Danny Trejo) I felt the need to get to the bottom of it. "Well Danny's character is an incredible man and my character understands that," she hinted. "And looks up to him."

With Steven Segal (and a ton of awesome people like Lindsay Lohan, Robert De Niro, Don Johnson) also in the cast, it seems pretty obvious that the "fierce" and "badass" flick will rely heavily on action. "There's a ton of action in it," she explained. "My character does a bit. I got to do some action finally again."

She added, "This movie is Robert Rodriguez, old school at its best."