'Sherlock Holmes' Sequel Goes 3-D, Rutger Hauer Is A 'Hobo With A Shotgun' In Today's Dailies -- 4/26/10

Sherlock Holmes-- When Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law return to the big screen with "Sherlock Holmes 2," the British gumshoes might end up solving crime with the assistance of a 3-D magnifying glass. [The Los Angeles Times]

-- Rutger Hauer, hobos and shotguns — if there's a flaw in that combination, I do not see it. Concept art and early footage from Jason Eisener's "Hobo With A Shotgun" has premiered online, offering a first look at Hauer as the titular hobo. [Ain't It Cool News]

-- Is "Toy Story 3" getting in on the viral marketing trend? That seems to be the case judging by this "Lots-o'-Huggin" commercial, allegedly filmed in 1983 even though the character is an all-new creation from Pixar. [Slash Film]

-- "Dukes of Hazzard" star John Schneider will star in "Doonby" as Sam Doonby, an optimistic drifter who shacks up in a troubled small town in Texas. Schneider describes the project as having "a real clever script that you can't quite figure out until the final minutes of the story." [The Hollywood Reporter]

-- Rumors of Jamie Kennedy's "Scream 4" revival have been greatly exaggerated, according to Kevin Williamson. "I would love nothing more than to have Jamie Kennedy in the film," he says, "However to have Randy in the film, it sort of just takes it… I mean Scream 2 was a lie, you know?" [Fear Net]

-- Clive Owen and Jason Statham are "The Killer Elite" in an upcoming action-thriller from director Gary McKendry. The movie focuses on a group of ex-British special forces members hunted by a team of assassins led by Statham. [Variety]

-- Are Neill Blomkamp and Peter Jackson putting "District 10" in pre-production? One report suggests that the film will begin shooting this October in both South Africa and New Zealand. [Market Saw]

-- Brad Fuller has more to say on the apparent demise of a second "Friday The 13th" installment. "Obviously we'd really love to go back to Crystal Lake," he said. "Nothing's happening on it ... [but] for a movie like that, the door is always open." [Bloody Disgusting]