New 'Eclipse' Trailer Proves David Slade Could Turn These Five Properties Into Something Terrifying!

The new trailer for "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" debuted today, cementing the fact that director David Slade is a wonderful, wonderful man. By all accounts, it appears that Slade has brought his signature flair for the supernatural and the horrific to "Eclipse," turning a franchise that's mostly aimed at a younger female audience into something that any action and horror geek could get excited by.

Not that I'm particularly surprised, really. Slade is a talented filmmaker with such expertise over the horror genre that I'm pretty sure he could make any harmless property into something gloriously gory. In fact, here are five seemingly innocent franchises that Slade would have little trouble taking down a dark and dangerous path.


Barbie and Ken have everything they could ever ask for — great friends, a beautiful pink car, a lovely dream house — until Barbie's sister Skipper is rendered comatose by a mysterious incident. Upon further investigation, Barbie learns that a shadowy sect of underground dwellers is responsible for her sister's condition, leading our heroine and Ken down a proverbial rabbit hole filled with crime, conspiracy and random acts of violence.

Care Bears

The economy is collapsing, crime is on the rise and nobody in the world seems to care — except for Max, a ten year-old boy in desperate need of some hope. When he's visited in the night by a mysterious creature calling himself Secret Bear, Max learns that the land of Care-A-Lot has been commandeered by the nefarious Dark Heart. Max assembles his elementary school pals to liberate the bears and restore care to the world, but unbeknownst to him, Secret Bear has some dark secrets of his own...

My Little Pony

Something strange is afoot in Dreamcastle, as several baby ponies have inexplicably gone missing over the past several weeks. The brave but foolhardy William The Pony decides to take matters into his own hand, leading him to the pits of the Volcano of Doom. There, he learns of a terrible conspiracy centering on the illicit sale of pony horns on the black market, prompting a daring rescue attempt where the future of ponies everywhere is at stake.

The Fudge Series

Ten years have passed since the Hatcher family tragically lost their young son Farley Drexel — better known as Fudge — during a vacation in the south pacific. But when Peter, now a lawyer, is visited by the ghost of his toddler brother, a series of disturbing events overwhelms his life, leading to the terrible and supernatural discovery of what really happened on the day that Fudge disappeared.

Troll Dolls

The people of Earth are thrown for a loop upon the discovery that sentient Troll Dolls have successfully corrupted the youth of the world in an attempt to overpower adults everywhere. As the situation darkens for the surviving parents, a young girl and her very own Troll doll — both of whom are disenchanted with the domineering ways of the other Trolls — present themselves to the adult rebellion with a plan to take back the world.

What other seemingly harmless franchises could Slade put his horrific stamp on? Let us know in the comments section and on Twitter!