FRINGE: Episode 2.19, 'The Man From The Other Side'

FringeEpisode Title: "The Man From The Other Side"

Written By: Josh Singer & Ethan Gross

Story: The shape-shifters are back as Thomas Jerome Newton (Sebastian Roche) makes a deadly play in support of the alternate reality. Agent Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv) and the rest of the Fringe Team race against the clock to find out what's going to happen tomorrow at 3:31 PM, leading Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson) to learn a thing or two about his own disturbing history.

Just The Right Frequency: The past several episodes have built towards Peter discovering that he's from the alternate reality, and that realization has finally manifested. There was no way this discovery would come without some traumatic repercussions for the relationship between Peter and Walter (John Noble), and while it was painful to watch as a fan of the characters, it was delightful to behold as a fan of the actors. The discovery could have easily been a let down, but both Jackson and Noble played the scene perfectly.

Slightly Out Of Sync: Let's not skip past the mystery of the week, once again directly involving the overarching mythology of competing realities. The shape-shifting embryo was one of the nastiest things ever seen on "Fringe," simply because it just sat on Walter's operating table in a big messy pile of tissue, and it was even worse watching it evolve into something more humanoid. After nearly two full seasons, it's nice to know that "Fringe" can still gross you out in progressively unique ways.

The Bridge To Somewhere: The major repercussion of the latest "Fringe" is that Peter now knows exactly where he came from, if not exactly who he is. He's gone AWOL, and rightfully so — this is truly a man without a country, without a world, without a purpose. Where Peter goes and who he decides to put his trust into is going to be a major thrust for the remainder of the season, perhaps even the rest of the series.

The Secretary's Secret: The enigmatic secretary that Newton brought over from the other side is almost definitely someone we already know, otherwise the character's identity wouldn't be such a secret. My money is on Walternate, as Peter's discovery of his real father would only ramp up the drama for the remainder of season two. Another good guess would be William Bell (Leonard Nimoy). Who do you think it is?

Walter's Weekly Wisdom: "This isn't as good as the stuff that I grow, but it's not bad, either!" — Walter upon the discovery of abandoned marijuana.

Next Case: In the next episode of "Fringe," viewers get something of an emotional break in the form of the much hyped musical episode. After tonight's episode, I'm really itching for further mythological progression, but I'm more than a little bit curious to see how "Fringe" pulls off the upcoming song and dance.

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