FRINGE: Episode 2.18, 'White Tulip'

FringeEpisode Title: "White Tulip"

Written By: J.H. Wyman & Jeff Vlaming

Story: Doctor Alistair Peck (Peter Weller) is a scientist who, like Walter Bishop (John Noble), has made a grave mistake in his past and is hoping to correct it with extreme measures — except instead of heading into an alternate universe, Peck has been going backwards in time due to some serious interior designing on his own body.

But Peck's motivations, while pure, come at the expense of innocent bystanders. As a result, Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv) and the rest of the Fringe team are sent to stop the scientist, but how can they defeat a man with unlimited access to a reset button?

Time Travel Is All Weller Good: Peter Weller has gone from RoboCop to Time Cop all within one hour of science fiction, though to be fair, Peck wasn't much so much a physical threat as he was a mental one. Few characters other than William Bell (Leonard Nimoy) have ever truly given Walter's knowhow a run for its money, but Weller's character did just that. Impressive!

Meeting Of The Minds: The scenes between Weller and Noble were the best of the episode, without a doubt. These two are on equal playing fields as actors, much like their characters are like-minded individuals. The debate on God was rather interesting — Walter argues that he's been punished by a higher power, while Peck believes God only exists through scientific achievements. It's hardly a rare dialogue, but theorizing in support of God was nonetheless quite fascinating coming from Walter.

The Tulip Says Yes: Throughout the episode, Walter struggled with the decision of whether or not to give Peter (Joshua Jackson) a letter revealing the truth about his past. Thanks to some retroactive work on Peck's part, it now appears that Walter is ready to take the plunge and tell his son who he really is. Why do I have the strangest feeling that Peter isn't going to take this one well?

Weller's Wisdom: "You and I both know that there are places on this planet where two plus two most definitely does not equal four." — Alistair Peck to Walter Bishop on the fundamentals of reality.

Next Case: The shape-shifters from the alternate universe are back again. Peter finds out the truth. Jaws are sure to drop, so stay tuned!

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