'Star Wars: Uncut' Trailer Is A Multimedia Explosion Of Awesome... But What Is It?!

This morning just got really weird. First there was the bacon AT-AT. And now there's... this. It's a trailer for something called "Star Wars: Uncut." No words-- just watch.

Star Wars: Uncut Trailer from Casey Pugh on Vimeo.

If you navigate over to StarWarsUncut.com, you can actually learn what the point of this bizarre piece of video is. "Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope" has been divided up into 15-second clips. Fans from all over are invited to create and upload their take on up to three of these quarter minute-long "scenes"; the end result will be cut together into one massive fan-remade version of "Episode IV."

What makes this idea particularly compelling -- as you saw in the above video -- is the wealth of content creation possibilities available to amateur creators in today's world. The trailer features a dizzying array of visual styles: straightforward scene reshoots, parody, people wearing masks, multiple types of animation -- hand-drawn, stop-motion, storyboard, computer-generated, claymation -- ...there's even, impossibly, a "Big Lebowski" reference.

What I love about this is the sheer fan appreciation on display here. There's no sense of the anger that tends to underline a lot of the present-day news coverage of "Star Wars." No revisionist "the prequel trilogy sucked, so we're going to do it the right way" BS. This is literally just a bunch of fans who love the first "Star Wars" so much that they're ganging together to recreate it collaboratively, almost like an audio-visual quilt. I know this has been around since last summer, but today is the first time I spotted it online (via IGN).

What do you "Star Wars" fans think? Cool idea? Have you submitted anything to it?