Ice-T Vs. Aimee Mann, Robert Pattinson As Kurt Cobain And Hugh Hefner's Birthday In Today's Twitter-Wood

Words of war and peace were had between Ice-T and Aimee Mann over the last 24 hours. In an exchange unlike any other I've seen since I started writing Twitter-Wood, the singer/songwriter (and "Big Lebowski" actress) questioned Ice's acting abilities in a tweet she probably would have preferred to leave private. Ice-T caught wind, though, because as most TW followers know, he as a small army in the Twitterverse.

In other posts, Roger Ebert earned my vote for Twitter Pic of the millenium with his birthday shout-out to Hugh Hefner. You can gaze upon it after the jump alongside thoughts about Robert Pattinson playing Kurt Cobain and Jackie Chan's birthday present from the Will Smith family. It's all in Twitter-Wood for April 9th, 2010.

Twitter Pic of the Day:

@ebertchicago - Happy birthday, Hef! On the set of Beyond the Valley of the Dolls with Russ Meyer, Dolly Read, Cynthia Myers.

-Roger Ebert, Critic/Writer ("Beyond the Valley of the Dolls," "Up!")

Ice-T pt. 1: @aimeemann Christ, there is no reason in the world anyone should ever have cast Ice T in a television show.

-Aimee Mann, Musician/Actress ("Magnolia," "The Big Lebowski")

Ice-T pt. 2: @FINALLEVEL Hey @aimeemann stop worrying bout my acting b--ch, and worry about your WACK ass music. In the mean time.. Eat a hot bowl of D--ks! Ice T

-Ice-T, Actor ("New Jack City," "Law & Order: SVU")

Ice-T pt. 3: @aimeemann Oh NOOOO!! Someone just told me that Ice T responded to my tweet about him!! THIS CAN'T BE GOOD!!!

Ice-T pt. 4: @aimeemann Plus, I do not like to hurt people's feelings. I forget that twitter is not just me and four other dorky friends, ragging on TV stars.

Ice-T pt. 5: @aimeemann He's out there doing his job. He doesn't need any heckling from the peanut gallery. So, I am sorry, Mr. T! You get out there and DO IT!

Ice-T pt. 6: @FINALLEVEL For those that don't know... The Final Level Twitter Gang is a peaceful organization. We never attack..... BUT WE WILL RETALIATE.

Ice-T pt. 7: @FINALLEVEL OK. Homegirl apologized....... Say no more. FLTG Cease fire! "Once again there's Peace in Twitterland." Ice T

@mrskutcher About to head to my premiere for The Joneses with hubby!

-Demi Moore, Actress ("Striptease," "G.I. Jane")

@DougBenson Robert Pattinson is gonna play Kurt Cobain in a movie? Next thing you'll tell me is that Taylor Lautner is gonna play a werewolf. #ilm

-Doug Benson, Actor ("The Sarah Silverman Program," "Super High Me")

@EyeOfJackieChan - Look at the present I just got from Will, Jada, Jaden & Willow! I love them!

-Jackie Chan, Actor ("Rush Hour," "The Spy Next Door")

@edgarwright I'd like to publicly salute the 20th anniversary of Twin Peaks. I'd also like salute the character of Audrey Horne, but that's more private.

-Edgar Wright, Director ("Shaun of the Dead," "Scott Pilgrim vs. The World")

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